Learn More: Hire the Best Drafting Specialists & With Similar Drafting Specialist Skills

Learn More: Hire the Best Drafting Specialists & With Similar Drafting Specialist Skills

Drafting Edge is a Melbourne-based company that provides quality drafting and building design services for renovations and extensions. Drafting Edge offers a one-person service. This includes a skilled draftsperson, a building designer, and an expert advisor who will listen and help you organize the entire drafting and design process.

After completion, you’ll have a comprehensive set oof documents you can take to any building contractor. You won’t only see the beautiful design, but also money well spent. Check out some of our projects as building designers. Our experienced drafters are available to provide quick turnaround times and top-quality services draftsperson Melbourne. We work closely with other professionals to make sure your project goes smoothly.

One of our highly skilled drafters is familiar with the Melbourne metro councils. They will draw your plans to your specifications and submit them to your local Melbourne authority or a private certifier. We can refer you to a drafter with experience working with local Melbourne authorities.

Sometimes designs are created without considering the building approval process or cost. Our drafters are skilled in planning and building approvals processes and local council regulations. While every council is unique, our experience dealing with boards for over 25 years means we know how to do it.

We have helped many hundreds with their Melbourne development applications. We’ve assisted them with everything from small extensions to subdivisions to commercial and apartment blocks. Many people underestimate the potential of their land for development. They can sometimes dbe undercapitalized and overcapitalized if they don’t understand the rules—resulting in lowerwer profitability of the project and lost opportunities.

Are you looking for a trusted company to provide architectural drafting services? Do not worry. Michael is a registered architect draftsman and the owner of Jewels Developments. He is also a qualified Carpenter and works with reliable professionals. Our team has built homes and commercial buildings for over 20 years. Trust our crew of skilled professionals to assist with all aspects of drafting.

We take great pride in helping our clients bring their visions to reality. Our team can help with any project, including minor home renovations and second-story extensions. We work closely with our clients to create spaces that reflect their styles and personality. Our unwavering dedication and commitment to quality are evident in the success of all our projects. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us.

Michael founded Jewel Developments. It has built a solid reputation as Melbourne’s respected drafting service provider. We are experts in many aspects of construction, including renovations and permits. To best meet your needs, we value quality over quantity. We work closely with our customers to design a customized homes. Jewel Developments offers expert guidance from top drafting professionals.

We can tailor each process to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a simple home remodel or building a second floor to accommodate your growing family. Our team continues to be innovative, creative, and skilled in adding value to our customers. Our determination reflects our desire to create high-quality structures at affordable prices. This distinguishes us from our competitors.

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